Welcome to The Insecure Girls’ Club

A space for women to embrace

their vulnerabilities and empower

themselves through wearing

their insecurities on their sleeves.


The Insecure Girls’ what?

Started in September 2018, The Insecure Girls’ Club first took form as an Instagram page, championing and creating a space where women could openly talk about and share their insecurities- no matter how great or ‘small’ they felt they were. Growing into a community of thousands of women worldwide, the club acts as a safe space to discuss and challenge modern insecurity and embrace their vulnerabilities…


The Insecure Girls’ Handbook

Coming in February 2020, The Insecure Girls’ Handbook will be a peppy pick me up (the Pret juice shot of literature) for days when you don’t feel able, confident or brave enough to step up or get things done. Guiding us through those universal experiences of insecurity that we all feel, day-to-day or from time-to-time…


Fancy getting involved?


We are constantly looking for more stories to share across our platforms, and welcome contributions in all forms. If you fancy getting involved- sharing an experience or just having a chat, we’d love to hear from you.